How to add images to iPhone or iPad notes

How to add images to iPhone or iPad notes

We show you how to add images to your iPhone or iPad notes and thus enrich your creations or create articles.

So you can add images to iOS notes

Today we are going to teach you add pictures to notes on iPhone or iPad. It is ideal for adding more information to a note and even for creating an article, which you can then continue from your computer.

Apple’s notes, although they are not the most complete that we can find in the App Store, since Evernote is far above, it is true that they have evolved. Every time they give us more benefits and if we delve into them a little, we see that they can be really productive.

In this case, we are going to show you how to add photos to a note that we are creating. In a very simple and really fast way.

How to add images to iPhone or iPad notes

What we must do, obviously, is go to the iOS notes. Once here, it is as simple as creating a new one. It will be from here from where we are going to do everything.

If we look at the bottom, above the keyboard, a menu space or direct access to more functions appears. Among them is the one with the camera, this will be the one we have to press …

images in notes 2

Click on the camera icon

Doing so, as is often the case, will give us three options. The same options that appear whenever there is a tab of this type:

  • Take a photo.
  • Add from library.
  • Browse in files.

Now it’s just a matter of selecting the place where the photo you want to add to your note is located and that’s it. In a really simple way, you can create real jobs in an app that at first glance is the most simple and intuitive that we can find. And you, do you use the notes app?


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