How to add hashtags on Instagram super fast

How to add hashtags on Instagram super fast

We show you how to add hashtags on Instagram in a very fast way and without having to write them one by one.

hashtags on Instagram

So you can add hashtags on Instagram very quickly

Today we are going to teach you add hashtags on Instagram in a really fast way. Without a doubt the definitive solution to be able to add labels to our photos.

When we publish a photo, we always spend a while adding hashtag so that it reaches the largest possible number of users. On many occasions, we take longer to put these labels than to customize the photo or video that we are going to publish on this social network.

That is why we are going to give you a trick, which will save your life. With it, we will forget about having to write these tags every time we are going to publish, since it will appear almost automatically.

How to add hashtags on Instagram very quickly

The process is very simple and it is something that we have always had before us and surely we have never fallen into it. What we have to do is go to text replacement.

Therefore, we must go to Settings / General / Keyboards and here we will find the tab we are talking about. This tab is for <>.

hashtags on Instagram 1hashtags on Instagram 1

Text substitution

I enter here and create a new substitution. In this we must write at the top all the hashtags that we normally use. At the bottom we write substitution that we are going to use.

hashtags on Instagram 2hashtags on Instagram two

Add the tags we want and then the shortcut

In this way, when we go to write the tags on the photo, we just have to write the substitution that we have created and all the hashtags will automatically appear. An incredibly fast way to be able to write all those tags that we always use in our publications. What did you think, interesting right?.


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