How to add folders in Spark, the best mail manager for iOS

How to add folders in Spark, the best mail manager for iOS

We show you how to add folders in Spark, a great way to have all our mail better organized and efficient.

folders in Spark

So you can add folders in Spark

Today we are going to teach you add folders in Spark. A good way to have our incoming tray more organized and to have everything more at hand.

When we go to the mail, surely we see many unimportant messages and when we really want to look for something, we never find it. It is true that we have a search engine, which makes this search faster and more effective. But we are going to show you another way to have everything much more organized.

This way we are talking about, is to create folders, in which we are going to host those important emails that arrive and that we will always be able to have at hand.

How to add folders in Spark

The process is very simple, and we will be able to manage everything from the same app. For this we enter and go directly to the menu of it. To do this, click on the icon of the three horizontal bars that appears at the top left.

When the menu is displayed, we must click on the tab that appears in blue with the name of <>.

folders in Spark 1folders on Spark 1

Click on the Edit list tab

By doing this, the entire list of folders that we have available will be displayed, but that we will also be able to add new ones in each and every one of the email accounts we have. Therefore, we go to the account in which we want to create a folder and click on <>.

folders in Spark 2folders in Spark two

Adding the folders we want

In this way we can add as many folders as we want and thus have our email account much more organized. Since we will access everything important in a much easier and more intuitive way.

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