How to add check marks and square bullets in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word has a rich collection of symbols, operators, and special bullet styles. Among these, check marks and square bullets are frequently used in the desktop program for memos, requests, forms, letters, brochures, flyers and online documents.

The following guide shows the easiest native methods to insert check marks and square bullets in Microsoft Word. These methods will work best in Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Word 2016 and later versions. They should also work in previous versions of Word, except for the Bing search engine.

Using these methods, we will illustrate how to insert unusual and less frequently used symbols easily and repeatedly. Anything written in Word can also be written in Gmail, Google Docs, and other document editors.

Add check marks in Microsoft Word

To add a check mark anywhere in the document, place your cursor and click on “Insert -> Symbol -> More symbols”.

Word Checkmark More symbols

Select “Wingdings 2” as the font. You can select any other font that displays the check mark symbol, but with Wingdings 2 you will get a neat looking symbol, which can be easily duplicated at any time.

Check mark word check mark symbols

Click “shortcut keys” for check mark symbols and type any key on your keyboard to assign a shortcut key. Although you can use copy and paste, a shortcut key will save you time when the symbol needs to be repeated multiple times in the document. Make sure the hotkey you designed is rare. Never use system shortcuts such as Alt + F4, Ctrl + VS, Ctrl + F to create shortcuts.

Check Word Check Insert

Another way to import the check mark symbol is to open “Character Map” from the Start menu.

Word Checkmark Charmap Start Menu

Select Wingdings 2 as the font style and find the check mark symbol, which will be used by selecting it and copying and pasting it into your Word document. You can also select the x symbol to convey the opposite meaning.

Word Checkmark Charmap Check and Wrong

Once the check mark is inserted, you can select it to change its attributes via font “text effects”, available with a simple right click. It will help you get an amazing variety of attractive and unique check mark symbols.

Word check mark Insert check marks
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Add square bullets in Microsoft Word

To add square bullets in Microsoft Word, first select the entire text that should be separated by bullets type list. You can also create the bullet style first and use it throughout the document. The “bullet library” will have a collection of bullet styles, including the square bullet.

Word Sqbullets bullet library

Click on “define a new bullet” to go to the next step, followed by “symbol” and “OK”.

Word Sqbullets Definenew

Here under the Wingdings font category, you can see a “hollow square bullet”, which is very common in many documents. Select “OK” to continue.

Word Sqbullets different

Besides the hollow square, you can also see a variety of hollow circular bullets, stars, diamonds, arrows and negative bullets.

Different Word Sqbullets enabled

To get even more variety in bullet styles, select “Define New Bullet” again and select “Image -> OK”.

Image from Word Sqbullets

In the next screen, you will get various options to insert pictures instead of bullet styles. You can use a chosen file or “OneDrive – Personal”. The smartest way to do this is to use the “Bing Image Search” which has an amazing variety of square bullets and more symbols.

Image Search Bing Word Sqbullets

Make sure the bullet images you use are from Creative Commons only.

Word Sqbullets Bing results

Using the above techniques for other symbols

Now that we have learned the methods of inserting check marks and square bullets in a Microsoft Word document, let’s apply this learning to insert more useful symbols. For example, Wingdings 2 offers a wide variety of triangular, square, pentagonal and hexagonal ball types.

Word Sqbullets Other types of bullets

“Webdings” is another useful font style for selecting many representative images instead of bullets. Whether you choose a man or a woman, a pizza or a bomb, there are many symbols representing many objects and people.

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Webdings Word Sqbullets

You can also use the font as “normal text” with a wide variety of currency symbols, including the pound sterling £, the euro €, the yen ¥, and even unusual types such as the Hungarian hryvnia ₴. If you process a given currency multiple times in a document, it is best to use the assigned shortcut key.

Word Checkmark Currency Symbols

Besides currency symbols, you can use International Phonetic Association (IPA) symbols directly in Word.

Words check mark symbols phonetics

Besides inserting unusual symbols and degrees in Microsoft Word, did you know that you can also transcribe audio in Microsoft Word 365?


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