How to add a charging reminder in sleep mode

How to add a charging reminder in sleep mode

We show you how to add a charging reminder in sleep mode that we have on both the Apple Watch and the iPhone itself.

upload reminder

So you can activate a charging reminder before going to bed

Today we are going to teach you add a charging reminder in sleep mode. A good way to know that you have to charge the watch before going to sleep, or to know the battery you have to face the night.

With the arrival of sleep mode, we finally have before us, the native sleep app on the watch. An app that was asked of Apple for a long time and nobody understood why it was not there yet. It is true that this app is light years from other apps that we can find in the App Store.

But within the limitations that we have with this app, we have options that are really good. One of them is the one that we are going to comment on today, which is to add a charging reminder.

How to add a charging reminder in sleep mode

What we must do is go to the Apple Watch and go directly to its settings. Once inside, we look for the tab <>.

Inside we will see that several options appear that we can configure, but the one that interests us is that of <>.

loading reminder 1charging reminder 1

Activate the ‘Reminder’ tab

We activate this tab and that’s it. Now, the Apple Watch will notify us about 15 minutes before going to sleep (the time must be set by us) of the battery we have and whether or not it is advisable to charge the watch. In case we have a low battery, it will notify you in advance so that you have time to charge the device without problem.

In this way, we will never go to sleep with the clock’s battery at a minimum, we will always know for sure that it will hold us all night or as long as we are sleeping.


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