How to activate Twitter tips and thus monetize your content

How to activate Twitter tips and thus monetize your content

We show you how to activate Twitter tips so that, if our content is of quality, we can monetize it.

This is how you can activate Twitter tips

Today we are going to teach you activate Twitter tips. A good way to get extra income, as long as our content offers information or is valuable, or simply pleases our audience.

Until now, Twitter was a platform where we could give and receive very valuable information. This information offered by this means is totally free and we will not receive any type of income for it. But we do have the possibility to add an option called “Tips” with which we can obtain some other extra income.

So if you are a user who believes that they offer valuable content, content that is liked and consumed by many users, perhaps this option will interest you.

How to activate Twitter tips

It may not be activated on all accounts yet, since we are talking about a feature that has been released relatively recently. In case it does not appear, do not worry that in the next few days it will appear in each and every one of the accounts.

To activate it, it is very simple, we must follow the following steps:

  1. We go to our Twitter profile.
  2. Once here, click on the “Edit profile” tab.
  3. It would be here where a tab with the name “Tips” or “Tips” appears at the bottom.
  4. By activating this function and following the steps indicated, we will have it fully activated.

In this simple way we can monetize our content on Twitter and who knows if we can get extra money, as long as our content likes the audience that follows us.

If this is your case, as we have mentioned before, do not hesitate to activate this service that Twitter is making available to everyone.


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