How to activate the self-deletion of chats in Telegram

How to activate the self-deletion of chats in Telegram

We show you how to activate the auto-deletion of chats in Telegram, to automatically empty the conversations.

self-deletion of chats

So you can activate the self-deletion of chats in Telegram

Today we are going to teach you activate self-deletion of chats in Telegram. Ideal for deleting chats and thus freeing up space on our device as well.

There are times, without realizing it, we are storing conversations and files … which in the end what they do is take up space on our device. One of the options we have is to empty these chats to leave free space, but almost always we forget and in the end we do not delete anything.

That is why Telegram allows us an option of self-elimination of the conversations, so that after the time we choose, they are eliminated.

How to activate the self-deletion of chats in Telegram

The process is very simple, but perhaps this function is somewhat hidden. But that’s what we are here for, so that we explain step by step how we can activate it.

To do this, we go to the chat in which we want to delete the entire conversation. Once here, we press and hold the part of the conversation in which we speak. Instead of clicking on delete, we must click on the tab <>

self-deletion of chats 1self-deletion chats 1

Select one of our conversations

In doing so, we will see that in the upper left part, a tab appears, which we must press. So we give <>. And it will be here where a menu appears at the bottom, where we must select <>.

self-deletion of chats 2self-deletion from chats 2

Give it to empty and then to self-elimination

And now we select the time interval. That is, we configure when we want the chats to start deleting.

self-deletion of chats 3auto-delete chats 3

Select time interval

In this way, when we arrive at the time we have selected, the chat will be completely emptied and therefore, we will free up space on our device.

So now you know one more trick about this messaging app, which is undoubtedly the most complete that we can use right now.


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