How to activate the last active click for the Windows 10 taskbar

The way Windows 10 organizes open or minimized applications or programs in the taskbar, it groups all the open windows of a given application under the same icon in the taskbar on which you then click to display the thumbnails of all the open windows contained therein. If you want to directly open the last active windows of an open application in the taskbar, you must Ctrl by clicking on it.

This is reasonably useful, but you may prefer it if clicking on the taskbar icon takes you directly to the last window you opened in the application, by cutting the faff thumbnail. Follow the procedure for how to activate the last active click for the Windows 10 taskbar.

We recommend that you back up your registry because, even if this process is safe, if you follow the instructions, editing the registry incorrectly can still cause problems.

1. To start, open the registry editor by pressing the key. To win to open the Start menu, then type regedit and hit enter.

Activate the last active click on Windows 10 Regedit

2. Once in the registry editor, enter the following in the address bar at the top:

3. Right-click on an empty space in the right pane, select “New -> DWORD value (32 bit)”, then name it “LastActiveClick”. Right-click your newly created registry entry and replace the “value data” with “1”.



4. Click OK and your taskbar icons for open or minimized applications will now take you to the last active window with one click.

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