How to activate temporary messages in WhatsApp

How to activate temporary messages in WhatsApp

We show you how to activate temporary messages in WhatsApp, so that all your messages are deleted after a few days.

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This is how you can activate temporary messages on WhatsApp

Today we are going to teach you activate temporary messages in WhatsApp. A good way to empty the chats of this messaging app and save some space in it.

Surely on many occasions, we have thought of sending a message, but it is deleted after a few seconds, minutes and even days. As well, WhatsApp allows us to do something very similar, with which we can send messages and have them deleted after a few days.

This function has been called ‘Temporary messages’, which we can activate or deactivate from the same application. Our role will be to teach you to carry out this process so that you can use it whenever you want.

How to activate temporary messages in WhatsApp

The process is very simple, but although a priori you might think that this function is found in the app settings, it is not quite like that.

Thus, to activate this function, we are going to have to do it chat by chat. That is, it does not activate and work in all conversations, if not it will work in the chats we choose. So we go to the chat we have chosen and we go to its information. Here, we will find the tab we are talking about …

temporary messages 1messages temporary 1

Go to the chat information section

We enter that tab and we just have to activate the function. Done this, and as the app tells us, after 7 days the messages will be deleted. We have to take into account that only those messages that we have sent will be deleted once we have activated the function.

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When we activate this function, the chat in which we have activated it, you will receive a message in which it is indicated that the temporary messages are in operation. Therefore, you have to know in advance that the other person will know that we have activated this function, and that also, said person can disable it.

The truth is that we would have liked to be able to choose the time interval in which the messages are deleted. But to get started with this feature, that’s fine. In addition, as we have commented, it can come in handy if we go wrong with storage, since the chats will be emptied every week (after 7 days).

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