How to activate SCRIBBLE, the handwriting function on iPad

How to activate SCRIBBLE, the handwriting function on iPad

We are going to show you how to activate one of the star functions of iPadOS 14. We are going to teach you how to configure and use Scribble on iPad, thanks to Apple Pencil. A function that allows us to write by hand anywhere that is capable of entering text.

How to activate SCRIBBLE, the handwriting function on iPad

How to enable and use Scribble, the Apple Pencil handwriting feature

Many have been the users of iPad and Apple Pencil they were waiting to install iPadOS 14 to be able to test this magnificent function of Manzana that more than one will come with pearls.

Students, among other groups, are going to be the ones who get the most out of power write by hand on iPads and that, automatically, everything we write becomes text. It will be the best way to be able to pass the notes to clean without having to do almost anything and we will tell you almost nothing because surely some transcription error we will have to correct.

How to activate and use SCRIBBLE, the HAND WRITING feature on iPad with Apple Pencil:

In the following video we explain how to activate the handwriting function in iPad. Appears in the minute 3:39. If clicking on play does not appear at that exact moment, you already know that you must move towards that moment:

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In order to configure the iPad and Manzana Pencil and that allows us to use the function Scribble, the first thing we have to do is add an English keyboard to our iPad. No matter what type of English it is, you can choose United Kingdom (UK), that of USA, that of Singapore… whatever you want. This is because, at the moment, this function is only available for the English language.

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We came in Settings / General / Keyboard / Keyboards and click on the option «Add new keyboard». From there we choose the one that we have mentioned before.

Choose the language of the keyboard in EnglishHow to activate SCRIBBLE, the handwriting function on iPad

Choose the keyboard language in English

Now we will have to go to the settings of the Apple Pencil, which are in Settings / Apple Pencil and activate the Handwriting option.

Activate the function How to activate SCRIBBLE, the handwriting function on iPad

Activate the “Handwriting” function in Apple Pencil settings

If you don’t see the Apple Pencil settings menu, sync it first. To do this, connect it to the tablet in the Lightning port.

In the image we can see the menu of 1st generation Apple Pencil. In the of 2nd generation many more configuration options appear.

Now we have configured the apple tablet to try this wonderful novelty that comes with iPadOS 14. We advise you to try it everywhere but, specifically, in the notes app or some app that processes text. It is there where you can do your writing and see how your iPad transcribing everything we write.

To, for example, take notes and then transcribe them, we will simply have to select the handwritten text, copy it as text and then paste it into another note or word processor app. It is a real wonder.

And that’s it, now you just have to wait for this function to be compatible with the Spanish language. Let’s see if it’s sooner rather than later.


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