How to activate dark mode on Snapchat for iPhone

How to activate dark mode on Snapchat for iPhone

He’s late but we finally have him here. We can now activate the dark mode on snapchat. A function that allows us to lower the intensity of light at night so that it affects our eyes less and, as they say, our rest.

Snapchat for iPhone

Dark mode in Snapchat it is already a reality and from the version It is an option that we already have available in the configuration of the app. Of course, it is somewhat hidden and that is why we are going to explain how to activate it automatically or manually.

Dark mode helps protect your eyes, especially in low light conditions, and reduces eyestrain. In addition, it also helps to improve the consumption of the mobile battery as long as your screen is OLED. If not, consumption is reduced but not so much.

How to activate dark mode on Snapchat:

This is what dark mode looks like on Snapchat

This is how dark mode looks on Snapchat

As we have said before, the option is somewhat hidden but in APPerlas We are going to explain to you with hair and signs where it is. You will simply have to do the following:

  • Enter the app Snapchat.
  • Click on the button that gives access to your profile. This is located at the top left of the screen. if you have published a Snap, a circle will appear in which you can see an image of it. If not, a circle with your profile image will appear.
  • Now in the options of your profile, click on the cogwheel in the upper right part of the screen.
  • Now we look for the option Ā«App AppearanceĀ» and click on it.
  • Here we will see the following options that we describe below:
    • Match System: Dark mode will be activated automatically based on the settings you have in ios. If you have it configured to automatically activate dark mode at dusk, Snapchat will do the same.
    • Always light: We will always have the app interface in normal mode.
    • Always dark: We will always have the app interface in night mode.
Activate dark mode on Snapchat

Activate Dark mode on Snapchat

And in this simple way we can activate the dark mode in Snapchat.



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