How to activate 5G having DualSIM on the iPhone

How to activate 5G having DualSIM on the iPhone

We show you how to activate 5G having DualSIM on the iPhone and thus be able to enjoy maximum speed without problem.

So you can activate 5G having DualSIM

Today we are going to teach you activate 5G having DualSIM on the iPhone. A good way to take advantage of the maximum speed and also having two SIM cards in the same device.

It was known to all that after the announcement of the new iPhone 12 and 5G in these devices, we could not have the maximum speed if we had DualSIM activated. We didn’t know the reason for this, but maybe it had something to do with the battery as Apple didn’t have it well polished. But this, sooner or later, would have to be solved.

Apparently we have already solved it and now we can have the maximum speed activated on our devices. So if you have an iPhone 12 onwards, see how to activate 5G.

How to activate 5G having DualSIM on the iPhone

The first thing to do is go to the iPhone settings and go directly to the tab “Mobile data”. Once here, the 2 cards that we have activated on our device will appear.

Now we just have to select the one in which we have mobile data activated. We remember that the iPhone gives us the possibility of using the same data line for the entire device and both cards.

Therefore, we select that SIM in which we have the active data and it will take us to a new menu. In this menu, we must click on the tab “Voice and data”.

5G having DualSIM 1

Select the line we want and then the data

Here we select the option of “Automatic 5G” which is what Apple recommends to us so that the battery is not greatly affected. By selecting it, the 5G will appear on our iPhone, just as it appears to us on our iPhone 12 Pro Max …

5G having DualSIM 2

5G activated having DualSIM

In this simple way, you can start enjoying 5G on the iPhone with DualSIM.


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