How the Walkie Talkie app works on Apple Watch

How the Walkie Talkie app works on Apple Watch

We are going to explain how the Apple Watch Walkie Talkie. A function that we have available from WatchOS 5 and that is wonderful.

Apple Watch Walkie Talkie

Apple Watch Walkie Talkie

Before continuing, say that the Walkie talkie of the Apple watch only works between watches Manzana. We have been very surprised by its performance. Quick, simple, it sounds perfectly and is very easy to configure. We explain everything below.

A way to talk, instantly, with anyone in your contacts who has the Smartwatch of the Apple.

Apple Watch Walkie Talkie, how does it work ?:

Here is a video in which we explain how this great function works. If you are more to read, we will explain everything, below.

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This feature is available on Apple Watch with WatchOS 5 or higher. If so, you will see that you have this function available. We can see it among the apps of the Watch.

Entering it, if we do not have anyone linked, we must invite the contact we want by clicking on the option «Add friends». Know that this person must have a Apple watch updated. By clicking on it we will send you an invitation that you must accept.

We teach you how to use the function Walkie Talkie from Airpods.

Once it reaches her and accepts, we must both be available to speak with her. This is seen on the main screen of the app:

Activate or deactivate the Apple Watch Walkie Talkie

Activate or deactivate the Walkie Talkie of the Apple Watch

Once we are both available, we will have the function activated. We will see that we have activated the function Walkie talkie because, in the upper part of the sphere, a direct access of the function. (This shortcut only reveals that it is activated).

Shortcut on WatchOS

Direct access in WatchOS

How to talk on Walkie Talkie of Apple Watch:

To speak, we simply have to click on the contact we want to contact and hold down the button “Talk”, without letting go, until we finish telling him what we want to send him.

Send audios from Apple Watch

Send audios from Apple Watch

Once we release, the audio will reach you immediately. If this person is available, you will hear the audio. If not available (has Walkie Talkie disabled)You will receive a notice that we wanted to contact her, but she will not hear the audio.

The same will happen to us. When we get to «Not available«When someone wants to talk to us, they will get a message saying that a connection with us could not be established. We will receive a notice that “X” person has wanted to contact us through Apple Watch Walkie Talkie. By accessing the Walkie and the other person is using it, we can talk to them immediately.

Do you see how easy it is to use it?

Things to keep in mind about the Walkie Talkie app:

As soon as an audio reaches us, we must be attentive because it cannot be played again. That is why it is interesting that you are only available in this function, when it is possible for you to attend it.

There is no history to be able to consult any audio that has reached us. It is a function of WatchOS that works as a Walkie. If you don’t listen to the message in the moment, you miss it.

Another interesting thing is that, if you are going to use this function a lot, you can add it in any compilation of your spheres. We already have it added to our favorite sphere …

Compilation with the Walkie Talkie app

Compilation with the Walkie Talkie app

We can also activate and deactivate this function from the control center of the Apple Watch:

Walkie Talkie option in the control center

Walkie Talkie option in the control center

Without further ado, we hope you have been interested in this tutorial on the Apple watch and may this functionality of WatchOS.



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