How much Signal and Telegram have grown since the “slip” of WhatsApp

How much Signal and Telegram have grown since the "slip" of WhatsApp

We tell you how much they have grown Signal and Telegram, apps chosen by many people to replace WhatsApp, since the app Zuckerberg launched the new terms of service that so few users liked.

Signal and Telegram VS. WhatsApp

Two apps have taken advantage, more than ever, of the mess it has gotten into WhatsApp after announcing changes to its Terms of Service. This was what filled the glass of patience for many users and what determined that they launched en masse to test new apps to replace this well-known and used messaging application.

Such has been the negative impact on WhatsApp after the announcement of the change of these terms, which until have backed down when implementing them. This has made us ask ourselves the following question … How much have the other applications grown so that the team of Zuckerberg has reversed these new policies?

Signal and Telegram growth:

Look how far the issue has reached that we have even been forced to make a video, which many followers have asked us, to announce to WhatsApp contacts that we are leaving this app.

Now we are going to comment on the evolution in Spain and internationally, of the apps chosen by many users to replace WhatsApp. These are Signal and Telegram.

Evolution of Signal in Spain:

In Spain, Signal had 542 downloads on January 6. It was out of the TOP 500 in downloads in our country.

Three days later, on January 9, Signal was in position 9. From then until January 21 he shared the TOP 1 with Telegram. In this period, Signal It has had as many downloads, in Spain, as since its launch in 2014 and has been planted in more than half a million.

Evolution of Telegram in Spain:

Telegram did not reach 10,000 downloads on Kings Day and was ranked 30. This application already started from a user base much larger than Signal, but it has grown to about eight million total downloads in our country.

Evolution of Signal and Telegram in the world:

Outside of Spain, Signal has had an exponential growth being several days in the TOP 5 downloads of more than 40 countries, as we announced in our article in which we talked about the app chosen by many to replace WhatsApp.

In the days following the announcement of the new terms of WhatsApp the app jumped from 4.6 million downloads to 24.8 million global downloads.

Telegram, for its part, did not have such a striking growth since it is an application known and used by many users of iPhone, but there was also a slight increase in downloads globally.

The increase in the number of downloads of these apps is not synonymous with active users. This is something that usually happens whenever some news comes out that may threaten our privacy or the treatment of our personal data and more, if it concerns an application that we all use.

From what we are seeing these days, the downloads of Signal it may have been a mere anecdote to warn Facebook that users can make any app or platform fall, whatever it is, as soon as they touch us something that is as much ours as our privacy.

The waters seem to calm down again in WhatsApp and it seems that little by little, everything returns to “normal.”

And you … have you abandoned WhatsApp?



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