Host your next Zoom call from the Death Star with these fun Star Wars backgrounds

Host your next Zoom call from the Death Star with these fun Star Wars backgrounds

Getting stuck in an endless Zoom or Skype call can often make you feel like you’re stuck in an imperial cell, but thanks to the official Star Wars website, you can make your next conference call look as if you were traveling in a galaxy far away.

The backgrounds are drawn on the other side of the Star Wars universe, allowing you to pretend that you are taking your weekly staff meeting from the Emperor’s throne on Exegol, the deck of an Imperial Star Destroyer, a Rebel Alliance hangar, or a variety of others Star Wars Pitches. And like the best video chat backgrounds, the new Star Wars those whose characters have all been removed from the plans, allowing you to play the role of your favorite Star Wars hero.

Since we’re all stuck inside right now, it’s not like your colleagues can verify that you do not do live on a large-scale replica of the Millennium Falcon. (In fact, depending on how much you annoy your colleagues with Star Wars talk – like this post – they can already assume that anyway.)

Of course, Disney and Lucasfilm are by no means the first companies to offer high-quality cinematic backgrounds for use with Zoom or other video chat applications. Pixar, Paramount, CBS and other companies are flooding social media with essentially free advertisements for their films. My colleague Natt Garun also put together a list of great resources and ideas for whimsical, fun, and fabulous Zoom backgrounds.



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