HomeOS, Apple’s new operating system begins to play

We bring you all the news related to what could be the new Appel operating system, we are definitely talking about HomeOS.

Everything indicates that we will soon see HomeOS

Today we are going to talk about HomeOS, which could be the new Apple OS. A new home-centric operating system, something that is sorely lacking.

Until now, and for those who did not know, the HomePod had the same OS as the Apple TV. Something that to this day we still do not understand and much more now that they have removed this from the catalog. Everything suggests that we will soon see a hybrid between the HomePod and the Apple TV.

The doubt comes with the most likely announcement of this HomeOS that we could see very soon and that could surprise all users.

HomeOs, the new Apple OS that we could see soon

All this has come to light, due to a job offer from the Cupertino company. In that offer, they specify that they need a software engineer to work with the operating systems of iOS, WatchOS, TVOS and HomeOS.

Obviously, the latter is the one that undoubtedly focuses all the attention. To date we did not know anything about this operating system and therefore speculation with it does not stop,

What we did know and which has been talked about for a long time, as we have commented above, is the integration of the HomePod with the Apple TV. But this was being talked about because they both share the same OS, but …What will happen now?.

HomeOS 1

Possible Apple TV integration with HomePod

All this, to this day are nothing more than rumors and speculation. In the next WWDC that we will see by Apple, they will remove us from doubts and we will finally be able to see which way the Cupertino people take.

Until then, we will continue as before, making assumptions and imagining the union of these devices, in who knows if … a sound bar with Apple TV incorporated.


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