Hidden iOS 15 news that Apple did not name at WWDC

Hidden iOS 15 news that Apple did not name at WWDC

We tell you the most interesting hidden news of iOS 15. This new operating system from Manzana not only brings everything that was named to us in the WWDC, it also brings functions that very few people talk about.

Hidden news in iOS 15

Manzana, in the past 2021 WWDC, spoke of some of the novelties of iOS 15. Possibly one of the most striking for the final user, but I leave many others that we are talking about today.

We have compiled a list of some of the new features of the new iOS 15 what Manzana forgot to name at the event on June 7th. We will pass them on to you below.

What’s New in iOS 15:

We want to make it clear that they are not hidden. They are available to all users, but were not mentioned by Manzana on the WWDC.

1- Better text selection in iOS 15:

With iOS 15, the magnifying glass for the text cursor selection has returned. You can “Select exactly the text you want with an improved cursor that magnifies the text you are viewing”, according Manzana.

2- New programming options for Apple Maps:

The release of this upgrade has been delayed for a long time, but better late than never. Users will be able to access travel instructions at Apple Maps on iOS 15, choosing when they want to leave and when they want to reach the destination.

3- Security updates without updating:

Since new versions of ios they may have bugs, some people wait weeks or even months to update their operating system. While this can keep things running smoothly, it has historically meant that customers have not been able to apply critical security updates. Users will be able to update security updates independently with iOS 15. This is quite interesting.

4- Set the time and dates of the photos:

Sorting images can be annoying at times, especially if your device thinks an old photo is new, which can happen when importing photos in some cases. Now you can selectively change the date and time of any reel photo photos using the new features of iOS 15.

5- Dictation on the device no longer has a time limit:

iOS 15 now allow users to dictate texts indefinitely. Dictations on older iOS devices were limited to 60 seconds.

6- Rain warning alerts:

The weather app on iOS 15 now it will notify us when it is about to rain, snow or hail. This is one of the news that I liked the most. A function that I have had for years thanks to Rain alarm and that, after installing iOS 15, I will remove.

7- Drag and drop between applications:

Drag and drop between apps is now available on the iPhone, bringing a standard desktop capability to the iPhone. You can drag an image from the application Photos directly to the Mail application. If you press and hold it, you exit the Photos app and, without releasing, open an email, when you drop it it will be added directly. A great improvement, especially when you want to add photos, for example, from Safari.

8- iCloud storage temporarily improved when backing up the device:

Now when you buy a new device, you can use iCloud Backup to move your data to your new device, even if your storage is low. iCloud will grant you as much storage as you need to complete a temporary backup, free of charge, for up to three weeks. This allows you to get all your applications, data and settings on your device automatically », it states Manzana.

9- Alerts of forgetfulness or theft of devices, one of the most interesting hidden novelties of iOS 15:

«If you let yourself forgotten a device Manzana, AirTag or compatible third-party article, your iPhone will alert you with notifications and the “Search” app will give you instructions on the location of your object, “he says. Manzana.

10- Locate your iPhone even if it has been erased:

“Network Search and Activation Lock can locate your device even after it has been erased. To help ensure that no one is tricked into buying your device, the “Hello” screen will clearly show that your device is locked, traceable, and remains yours. “, notes Apple.

11- Create an inherited contact. Much needed this novelty of iOS 15:

If you don’t have an inherited contact and a loved one dies and their iPhone is locked, accessing it can be difficult. People can name a “Legacy Contact” what can “Access your account and personal information in the event of your death”.

12- Pull to update in mobile Safari, change:

Pull to update on Safari is another of the new features of iOS 15.

13- Silence notifications in Facetime:

If you try to speak in Facetime and the mute option is activated by mistake, you will receive a warning with instructions on how to unmute yourself.

14- Improved Spotlight:

With iOS 15, you can use the lock screen and notification center to start searching for Spotlight.

What do you think of these hidden news? We are looking forward to the official version, in September, to be able to enjoy all of them.



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