Here are a bunch of free music apps and sample packs while we’re all stuck inside

Here are a bunch of free music apps and sample packs while we’re all stuck inside

Life seems very different right now as the new coronavirus has millions of people around the world trapped inside. Festivals, clubs and even house parties are banned in many cities, leaving musicians (and music lovers) confined to the home and looking for creative outlets. In the past few weeks, several music companies have responded with gifts to provide, as Korg put it, “a musical way to occupy your mind.”

Below we have gathered a range of apps, plug-ins, sounds, lessons and even digital audio workstations (DAW) which are currently free to give tools to musicians and those looking to acquire musical skills during the pandemic. A few were already free, but most are only free for a limited time. There are tons of deals available, so get ready to get started with new digital toys. Here are some of the best choices, with others to come.

  • Apple has announced that its Logic Pro X DAW will now have a 90-day free trial.
  • Ableton announced that its DAW Ableton Live 10 Suite now has a 90 day free trial.
  • Fender offers three months of free guitar lessons to the next 100,000 people who subscribe to its Fender Play app on iOS and Android.
  • Steinberg created a #StayHome Elements Free Collection which includes Cubase Elements, Dorico Elements, WaveLab Elements and our Absolute collection. The offer is valid until May 15 and you will need to create a Steinberg account to redeem it.
  • Gibson has partnered with the Amped Guitar guitar lesson app to offer free three-month premium subscriptions (available for new users only).
  • The audio software company Synchro Arts (known for its voice processing tools), 90-day free duplicate licenses to those who already own their products, but cannot access them due to travel restrictions or work closings.
  • Focusrite has teamed up with Audiothing to offer an analog drum machine emulator SR-88 for free until April 24 (usually $ 29).
  • The Arturia iPad app that makes you beat iSpark is currently free.
  • Arturia also extended the software synthesizer trial period Pigments 2 until July 3.
  • Soundtoys Effect Rack is free until June 30. The multi-effects system is normally only available in the company’s Soundtoys 5 pack.
  • The Moog Minimoog Model D iOS app is currently free for a limited time.
  • Avid temporarily issues a limited number of free 90-day licenses for Media Composer Ultimate, Pro Tools, Pro Tools Ultimate and Sibelius Ultimate. You must work for a media company or educational institution that already owns the software and whose facilities are closed due to the pandemic.
  • Synthmaster One iPhone, a wavetable synth app for iOS, is temporarily free (usually $ 4.99).
  • Roland joined the Skoove interactive piano lesson platform offer three months of free piano lessons to current Roland piano owners.
  • Roland also produced the full version of Zenbeats, its music creation application for iOS and Android, temporarily free (normally $ 49.99 and more).
  • Separately, Skoove has made quality equipment available to everyone subscribe to its free plan, including a piano lesson for beginners and 27 songs.
  • Mixmag collected a list of free plug-ins, including reverberations, flangers and doors.
  • Also, Speed ​​News at an overview with additional gifts, like a HoRNet equalizer.
  • Two Notes offers a lifetime license for two virtual speakers when you download its speaker booth simulator “Torpedo wall of sound” (offer valid until April 30).
  • Cherry Audio modular synthesis pack “Modular tension core” is now free “for the foreseeable future” (usually $ 29).


Already free

  • The Berklee College of Music offers more than 40 open online courses, including “Creating sounds for electronic music”, “Introduction to Ableton Live” and “The art of voice production”. Be sure to check the start date of the courses you wish to enroll in.
  • Traktion recently launched its DAW without waveform for OSX, Windows and Linux.
  • AudioKit Synth One app for iOS
  • Music Maker JAM loop and loop mixing app for iOS and Android (free, but offers in-app purchases)
  • Tenacious frog TF7 Synth (free, but offers in-app purchases)
  • Voloco pitch processing application for iOS and Android, whom I fell in love with after a self-tuned cat went viral on Twitter
  • Social music creation platform BandLab is free and has lots of erased loops and samples that can be used without worry.
  • Example of platform and plug-in Noiiz has tons of free sample packs. You will need to create a free account to download them.
  • GarageBand, of course.
  • Korg music production software and plug-in collection for iOS, Korg Gadget 2 Le
  • IOS music creation and remixing application Launching ramp
  • Cockos » DAW Reaper has a 60 day free trial period with no registration or personal details required.
  • The rhythm machine application model is free on iOS (with in-app purchases to unlock additional features).
  • There are a lot of royalty free sounds on Free sample packs.



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