Help finding a talk about Stuxnet

Help finding a talk about Stuxnet

Hi, I remember having seen a video talking about Stuxnet, although I kind of remember it was named differently or something, I remember something as “fire storm” or something like that.

I could almost swear that it was a TED talk by Mikko Hypponen but I kind of fast checked his three TED talks and didn’t find what I wanted, he just barely mentions it in his Virus talk.

What I am looking for is specifically is a video that talked about how the creators of this virus were able to target the Iranian (or somewhere’s government) reactors by using photos ([like the ones in this article]( they took and posted online, thus giving the attackers important information about the arrays in the nuclear plant.

I think it’s a great video that explains very clearly the risks of information leaks and the lengths an attacker will go to harm a system.

Thanks in advance.


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