Heard a great podcast episode on Alberto Hill

Heard a great podcast episode on Alberto Hill



Poor guy and story. I’ll copy and paste the description here:

The notorious first hacker sent to prison in Uruguay, Alberto Daniel Hill, sat down with me to explain his innocence. Hill’s story began when he hacked into a hospital’s computer system to access his girlfriend’s medical record for her and from there, things exponentially escalated. What Alberto thought would be a kind warning to the hospital that their system was flawed and could make them very vulnerable to dangerous attacks, turned into him being labeled a “very dangerous” and “high-level threat” by authorities. In the end, the same hospital that Hill tried warning, was hacked by actual dangerous criminals who exploited the hospital’s private information for monetary gain. Hill claims he had to go through many hardships such as dealing with criminals, drug overdose, and being blackmailed all because he tried warning them of their fate.


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