HEALTH tip for your BRAIN to rest better at night

HEALTH tip for your BRAIN to rest better at night

We give you health tip that surely will come from pearls to raise awareness of the dream at night. It may seem silly, but it is not. It has all the logic in the world.

Health tip for iOS

Health tip for iOS

Since some years, Manzana is adding to iOS functions to improve our health. And we are not referring to the matter of counting steps, raised floors, distances traveled, pulsations … all of this is very good but we are not referring to that. Today we are going to give a health tip with which to make your brain not stimulate so much at certain times of the day.

Who does not take a look or take a game on the mobile before closing their eyes to sleep? Today we believe that we all do it.

iOS It has functions like True tone, The mode Night shift… so that our eyes do not “suffer” the luminous scourge of the screen of the iPhone, especially at night.

To this, if we add today’s recommendation, we will surely rest much better at night.

Activate the gray scale so that the brain is not stimulated so much before sleeping [TIP DE SALUD]:

We have tried it the last few nights and the truth is that we notice that we go to bed a little more relaxed. Our eyes do not suffer as much and it seems that our brain is not stimulated as much when seeing the screen. The absence of colors helps a lot.

iPhone GrayscaleiPhone Grayscale

Grayscale activated on iPhone

By working, we have taken the step to write this article.

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How to activate grayscale on iPhone:

For this we have to go to the following route ADJUSTMENTS / ACCESSIBILITY / DISPLAY AND TEXT SIZE / COLOR FILTERS.

Activate color filtersActivate color filters

Activate color filters

When you get to the menu that we discussed, some colored pens will appear. Now, we simply have to activate the option “Color Filters”.

You will see how to display a menu in which we must select “Grayscale”.

Select grayscaleSelect grayscale

Select grayscale

In this way we will see the screen of the iPhone in gray colors.

Quick access to activate this health tip:

Surely you will say … “And do I have to do all that every time I want to activate the grayscale? … what a pain.”

Well no, we explain how to activate it in two taps. For this we must go to the route ADJUSTMENTS / ACCESSIBILITY / QUICK FUNCTION / (it’s all the way down).

Once in that menu, we will click on “Color Filters” and we go to the main screen of our device.

Now you must press 3 times quickly on the Home button, or on the off button in the case of having an iPhone with Face ID, to bring up a menu from which to quickly activate grayscale.

Quickly activate this Health TipQuickly activate this Health Tip

Quickly activate this Health Tip

What do you think of this health tip? We await your responses.


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