Hack an iPhone 11 PRO with iOS 14 in just 10 seconds

Hack an iPhone 11 PRO with iOS 14 in just 10 seconds

If you think that iPhone with iOS 14 they are insurmountable, you are wrong. We tell you how they have hacked an iPhone 11 PRO in just 10 seconds.

Hack an iPhone 11 PRO with iOS 14 in just 10 seconds

Last weekend the Tianfu Cup, the competition of hackers most famous in China. 16 sets of hardware Y software they were put to the test and many of them were hacked in a matter of minutes.

Among those who resisted the hacks are not “our” iPhone nor “our” iOS 14. Those who resisted the bidding of these geniuses were Microsoft Edge, VMware Workstation Y Microsoft Exchange Server 2019.

We remember that in China the competitions of hackers they are a real show. There is a whole religion.

They manage to hack an iPhone 11 PRO with iOS 14:

The Tianfu Cup International Cyber ​​Security Contest, this year offered more than 1.2 million dollars in prizes.

The challenge of the competition was to hack 16 hardware and software platforms, which were: Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Adobe Pdf Reader, DockerEC, VMware Workstation, VMware ESXi, Ubuntu + qemu-kvm, iPhone 11 Pro + iOS 14, Samsung Galaxy 20, Windows 10 2004, Ubuntu 20 / CentOS 8, Microsoft Exchange Server 2019, TP-Link WDR7660, Y ASUS Router AX86U.

There is a cash prize for each hack, depending on its difficulty.

13 of the 16 systems were hacked. Those security flaws discovered have already been communicated to the companies so that they can solve them and, possibly, in the next updates of iOS 14 those holes are corrected.

The winning team of the event was 360 Enterprise Security and Government and (ESG) Vulnerability Research Institute, which belongs to the tech giant Qihoo 360. He took most of the loot, $ 744,500.

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This same team and the Ant-Financial Light-Year Security Lab, were the ones who managed to hack the iPhone 11 PRO with iOS 14 in just 10 seconds. As a result, both teams received a total of $ 180,000 as a prize.

For this type of thing, whenever an update appears, it is good to update as soon as possible. To close possible security holes.


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