Great app to learn art every day and wherever you want

Great app to learn art every day and wherever you want

DailyArt is a app to learn art designed for all those who want to learn about art every day and anywhere.

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Learn art with DailyArt

The already relaxed confinement we are experiencing may be an opportunity to learn new things. One of them can be about art, often inaccessible to many people and that can even be lazy. But that can change using the app we are talking about today as it makes learning about art simple, accessible and fun.

The app is called DailyArt and the method with which he wants us to learn about art is in small doses. In this way, daily, DailyArt It will show us a work of art with all the information we need to know about it.

This app to learn art has a database of more than 3000 pieces

The first thing we will see will be the representation of the artwork. Just below will be the name or title, as well as the author and year of the work. If we continue going down we will see a complete description about the work, the method used to make the work and the museum or gallery where it is located.

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Tab of a painting

DailyArt It allows us to see all the works from the previous days and, if we press the icon with three stripes, we can access more functions. For example, we can carry out searches by entering the title of the work or the authors, as well as museums.

In this way we will be able to obtain all the relevant information on many aspects of art, and the best thing is that we will be able to create our own «Gallery«, Adding as favorites both different artists and different works of art.

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Information we collect from works of art

DailyArt it has a version Pro or Premium. This version allows, for a I only pay of € 7.99, access the entire database of the app and full search as well as remove ads. If you want to learn about art, we recommend you download it.

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Download DailyArt and learn about art whenever and wherever you want

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