Great app to create videos from photos and other videos

Great app to create videos from photos and other videos

Filmr is a app to create videos that allows us, in a simple way, to create videos from photos or other videos to immortalize our memories.

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Video creation app

The photos are part of our day to day. We take photos almost at any time and situation and the same happens with videos. And since we are sure that many will want to immortalize your best moments, today we bring you a app with which you can create videos from photos and other videos.

The appcall Filmr, it is really easy to use. The first thing we have to do is grant the app permission to our photos and videos. Once this simple step is done, we can start using the application completely.

This app to create videos is simple, useful and very complete

We will see that we can select as many photos and videos as we want. When we have selected the ones we want to be part of the video, we can start editing. We can, among many other things, reduce the time of a photo or video, as well as modify the order and add the transitions we want.

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The section to add transitions

We can also add music, which we can choose from the application gallery among many royalty-free songs or choose from our music library, either Manzana Music or from our own Archives.

Not only that, but we can modify the video format to adapt it to different networks, as well as add text in case we want to indicate something and accompany the video with elements above the video, such as another video or stickers and GIFs.

app to create filmr 4 videosapp to create filmr 4 videos

We can choose music from different sources

This application can be downloaded for free and many of its functions can be used for free. But, if we want to use all of them we have to choose the version Pro of the application. In any case, as always happens with this type of apps, the best thing you can do is download it and try it.

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Download Filmr and create videos as and where you want

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