Google will remove tracking from its iOS apps

Google has not yet adapted its apps to Apple's privacy standards

Google has made it known that he will remove from iOS certain tracking tools thanks to the new iOS 14.

Google accepts Apple’s standards

iOS 14 brought some news accounts, but probably one of the most important was the one related to privacy. And is that Manzana decided to reinforce with iOS 14 the privacy of users of iPhone and iPad adding certain privacy tools.

The first of them was related to the information collected by apps in the App Store. And, the second, another also mandatory For which users would have to authorize the applications to track us, through a pop-up that would appear on the screen when opening the app.

Google will stop using the tracking tool that causes the tracking authorization pop-up to appear in iOS 14

This last measure, which appears to enter into force in early spring, it has been quite controversial. But thanks to it, there is already a great application and service developer who has decided to stop using this tracking: Google.

This has been announced, making it known that it will stop using the tracking tool that makes this pop-up appear and for which users have to authorize the tracking. In this way, when using Google, the tracking authorization pop-up will not appear.

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The pop-up that will appear to authorize the tracking

Of course, this does not mean that Google go completely stop tracking users on iOS. What it means is that Google will stop using a tracking tool that, due to the latest privacy regulations of Manzana, it would cause the tracking authorization pop-up to jump.

We cannot know if this movement by Google it is a movement of good faith or laundering towards users. In any case, it seems quite positive that thanks to the new privacy rules of Manzana there is already a large company that prefers to stop tracking in some way for the pop-up to appear. Will more companies follow Google’s trail in this regard?


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