Google updates Pixel 4 with ‘eyes open’ fix for face unlock

Google updates Pixel 4 with ‘eyes open’ fix for face unlock

Google released a update for the Pixel 4, today, users must have their eyes open when using face unlock to open the phone.

The update introduces a “require eyes to be opened” feature, which is enabled by default. It provides an additional security measure, but you can turn it off in the Pixel 4’s face unlock settings.

The lack of an open eye detection function was one of the biggest criticisms of the Pixel 4 at launch. The feature is supposed to help ensure that your phone is not unlocked by people who try to open it while you are sleeping. Google announced last October that it will deploy a feature to check if your eyes are open “in the coming months”.

Apple has a similar feature that has required open eyes in Face ID since its introduction in 2017 as part of the iPhone X. It requires the owner of the device to have their eyes open, and must look directly at their iPhone or iPad . to unlock it.

Along with the introduction of this key feature, this month’s Pixel 4 update also fixes problems with Bluetooth audio input being interrupted during a call and fixes the delay when opening the keyboard for certain applications .


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