Google launches a better camera app for new Android Go low-end devices

Google launches a better camera app for new Android Go low-end devices

Google is introducing a new Camera Go app for its line of entry-level Android Go devices. Android Go debuted two years ago as a more streamlined version of Android designed to run on low-cost, low-end devices, and it now works on 100 million active devices. Google created Go versions of Gmail, YouTube, and other key services, but a better camera app was still missing.

The new Camera Go app has a simple, clutter-free interface because it is designed to work for people using a smartphone for the first time. Google also remains true to its original vision of Android Go by allowing users to not worry about storage with Camera Go. The app will track the amount of photo or video storage space remaining and suggest ways to free up space. ‘space.

The new Google Camera Go app.

“Camera Go is deeply integrated into the phone’s operating system, and it’s not just about filtering photos over it,” says Arpit Midha, senior product manager for Android. Google even added Portrait mode to create a depth of field effect on photos, so even $ 50 devices will benefit from this feature. “This is a first in this category of devices,” says Midha. “It democratizes photography for beginners.”

The first Android Go device to ship with the new Camera Go app will be the new Nokia 1.3 from HMD, available in April for 95 euros ($ 102).


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