Google has not yet adapted its apps to Apple’s privacy standards

Google has not yet adapted its apps to Apple's privacy standards

Google You have not yet added the privacy labels for the App Store after they arrived, with iOS 14.3, the new privacy rules of Manzana.

Google hasn’t added the data labels yet

The arrival of iOS 14.3 and the same version of iPadOS, was the arrival, among other novelties, of the new Apple privacy rules. These rules, mandatory for apps and developers, focus on user protection by allowing know the data that apps collect from us and whether or not to authorize our tracking.

Since Apple announced them, and until they arrived, they were highly criticized by some companies. But, as they were mandatory, they only had to comply with them and add the data labels if they updated the apps after the release of iOS 14.3.

Google has not updated its apps since before the launch of iOS 14.3 and the arrival of privacy regulations

And application updates are where it comes into play Google. From the looks of it, since the launch of iOS 14.3 and that the new privacy rules were mandatory, Google has not updated all its apps.

As indicated by certain media, that Google It has not been a coincidence. It seems that this is something deliberate to delay, as much as possible, the knowledge of the data that your applications access and compile. This is precisely due to the amount of data that their apps are “rumored” to access.

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Facebook reluctantly added the data tags

Despite all this, since Google have already made a statement about the data labels of the App Store. In it they have made it clear that either this week or next week, at the latest, they will update their apps and they will include the privacy labels and data of the App Store.

What do you think of this news? It is, at least curious, that a company like Google of which the access to your users’ data is known, you have not yet updated your apps since iOS 14.3 was released in mid-December.


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