Google Chrome for iPhone will allow you to block incognito tabs

Google Chrome for iPhone will allow you to block incognito tabs

Google you are testing a new feature in your browser Chrome for iPhone which would allow you to lock the tabs incognito.

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Google Chrome will include an interesting novelty

Chrome It is probably one of the most used browsers, both on desktop and mobile devices. It is, of course, one of the main alternatives to Safari as regards the iPhone already iPad.

The browser has quite a few functions that make it attractive and interesting. And now it seems that they are testing a new function that can make it even more attractive as an alternative to Safari in iPhone Y iPad for many people.

As discovered in one of the beta phases of the application, Chrome for iPhone Y iPad would allow you to lock tabs incognito. In this way, searches carried out in incognito mode would be much more protected from outside eyes.

Chrome for iPhone will allow blocking incognito tabs with FaceID and TouchID

And the way in which tabs could be blocked incognito is probably what you are imagining: by FaceID or TouchID, the two secure unlocking methods that we find both in our iPhone as in our iPad.

In this way, once the function is enabled, if we open an incognito tab in Chrome, it could only be seen completely by unlocking it through FaceID or TouchID. As long as it wasn’t unlocked, these tabs would be blurry and no one else could see them.

clipboard ios 14 ipados 14 tiktok chromeclipboard ios 14 ipados 14 tiktok chrome

Chrome on iOS 14

This feature is currently in beta for testing purposes. And, from the looks of it, there are still a lot of beta users who are unable to access or test it. This may therefore mean that you are in a very early beta phase.

In any case, it is likely that eventually Google make it available to all beta users and, finally when stable, to all beta users Chrome. What do you think of this new function that you are testing for Google Chrome on iPhone and iPad?


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