Google already shows privacy labels in the Gmail app

The Gmail application launches widgets for iOS 14

Google you have updated your email application Gmail and it already shows the new privacy labels in the App Store.

Privacy labels in Gmail

One of the most outstanding novelties of iOS 14 at its launch were the new privacy rules and features that it included Manzana in the operating system. Very beneficial functions for the user, but that some developers did not like.

And, although these standards, such as privacy labels, were mandatory, there were developers who had not adapted the apps to them. Among them we find Google, which has not updated its apps for a while. And, although it was thought that it was a trick to not show labels, you have updated one of your apps most used.

Google shows the privacy labels with all the data linked to us in the Gmail app

This is the Gmail email app and, having updated it, it already shows the privacy labels on the App Store. And, like the rest of the apps that already show the labels, in Gmail we can see them from the App Store.

For this we only have to access the app from the application store and scroll down. There we will see a small summary of the most relevant data. But, if we click on the «summary», we can see all the data linked to us from the app Gmail.

privacy labels app store google gmail 1

The summary that your shows at the bottom of the App Store

Among them we find the approximate location, usage data and identifiers, in Third Party Advertising; our purchase history, our contact details and our content, among others in the Data Analysis section; as well as our Search history and usage data in many other categories, in addition to many others.

While at the moment it seems that only Gmail of Google shows the privacy labels, as soon as you update your apps, Google will display the labels on all your apps. What do you think of the amount of data linked to us that you access Google? Are you surprised that it accesses such a large amount of data or not?


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