Get the Yoga Day badge on your Apple Watch

Get the Yoga Day badge on your Apple Watch

We show you how to get the badge that Apple provides us for Yoga Day and in this way increase the library.

In this way you can get the Yoga Day medal

Today we are going to teach you get the Yoga Day badge. A great way to expand the entire library of badges we have, with a new one.

Every year Apple provides us with various challenges that are focused on exercising. They are taking out badges for our watch, which we can only get on a specific day and which have no other objective than to encourage exercise. That is why each month we have a special challenge.

In this case, we are going to talk to you about Yoga Day, a challenge that is focused on the practice of this sport and that thus encourages us to practice it if we really want this medal that we will only be able to achieve in this way.

How to get the Yoga Day medal

As we have already mentioned, Apple does not stitch without thread and does not give anything away. In this case, to get something, we must do something to get that reward.

Therefore, the June 21Throughout the day, we will have time to get this medal that we are talking about. The process is very simple, with a 20 minute minimum practice, let’s get this medal …

Yoga Day 1

Medal that you can get

So if you are passionate about this sport or simply, you have never practiced it, on June 21 you have an opportunity to get a unique medal, which you can have along with the rest of those you have already achieved.

Once again Apple betting on sports so that we improve and have a better quality of life. With just a few minutes a day, we will improve considerably.


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