Get the most out of these WhatsApp news in 2021

What does WHATSAPP popcorn or CHECKS mean

We are going to review all the new that came in 2020 to the most used messaging app on the planet. Get the most out of these greats WhatsApp news in 2021.

Take advantage of these WhatsApp news in 2021

We start 2021 with a compilation of WhatsApp functions that arrived last year and that, sure, they will come to you with pearls for this new 2021 that we have just begun. Surely many of them you do not know.

Given the level of updates that the application takes in recent months, possibly in 2021 interesting functions arrive to WhatsApp. To date, no notable ones have arrived and that is why we remind you of everything new that arrived in 2020.

Take advantage of all these WhatsApp news in 2021:

We are going to name the most outstanding ones. Those that have a lesser impact or are less interesting we have saved. Of course, if you want to know more about them, you only have to access all the WhatsApp tutorials what we have on the web (You can access them by clicking on the “WhatsApp” option that appears in our web menu).

WhatsApp features that arrived in 2020:

Click on the function you want to expand the information:

11 functions that if you knew them all is that you are up to date in everything new that comes to this function, but surely it is not like that and we have given you some that has escaped trying and using.

Without further ado and hoping that 2021 will be a productive year in terms of interesting new functions in the app, we invite you to new tutorials, news, apps, tricks … on this website that, you already know, is created and designed for people like you With Apple products, get the most out of your devices.



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