Get a FREE Clash Royal reaction, before December 5

Get a FREE Clash Royal reaction, before December 5

From November 24 to December 5 we can get FREE, a fun Clash Royale reaction. If you are a regular player of this strategy game, surely you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity.

FREE reaction in Clash Royale

The reactions of Clash royale they are like GIF or emoticons in WhatsApp. With them we can transmit a feeling, a state of mind, a message … in the form of a cartoon where the protagonists are the characters of the game.

If you play or have played this great game, surely you have not resisted putting a smiling face, a laugh, sending a kiss … to your opponent when you have won a game, right? Well, between the November 24 Y December 5, 2020, we can get FREE the reaction we show in the photograph at the top of this article.

How to get the FREE Clash Royale reaction:

It is very easy to get it. What we have to do is, from the main screen of the game, click on the icon where a world ball appears with a crown in the center (appears at the top right of the screen). By doing this we will access this screen:

Create your Fantasy Royale team

Create your Fantasy Royale team

Clicking on “Play”, we will have to create our own team of Fantasy, made up of four players from the world finals of the CRL. After doing this, this notice will appear:

Receive Clash Royale gift

Receive the Clash Royale gift

Now we just have to wait a while, normally 5-10 minutes, and we will receive the free reaction that they give us in Clash royale. Do you see how easy?

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In addition to achieving this reaction, if we get as many crowns as possible with our team Fantasy, we can get rewards ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 gold coins.

Do not hesitate and make your team of Fantasy royale before it’s later and get the rewards we’ve told you about.

By the way, we have a team in Clash Royale. If you want to join us, do not hesitate and click on the following link that gives you access to our Clan APPerlas Team.

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