Geography game in which to guess the place shown in the app

Geography game in which to guess the place shown in the app

If you are a lover of geography, the game you were waiting for has arrived. GeoGuessr It challenges us to guess where the places shown on the screen are located.

Geography game for iPhone and iPad

GeoGuessr is one of those games that everyone should prove, especially those who give it to them that they are very good at geography. It is sure to get you in trouble.

This game shows pictures of the function Street view of Google maps and we will have to guess, on a map, the place to which we think the place belongs. It really is a lot of fun, especially if you play it with friends and family.

GeoGuessr for iPhone, the geography game that challenges you to guess places in the world with images from the Street View of Google Maps:

In the following video, right at 5:07, we explain how the game is. If you press “play” and it does not appear at the right time, go to the minute that we have identified you to see the game in all its splendor:

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This app is linked to a website where we can play this game, called GeoGuessr. In it, in order to play we must register. In the application it is not necessary.

When accessing, the following menu will appear in which we will have to choose between several options. Choosing the option Single Player We will have to put our username and the time we give ourselves to find the place that they show us on the screen. If we choose «Pass & Play» We can play against other people and, also, configure the game at our convenience.

Settings before starting the game

Settings before starting the game

Next we will choose a map, at first it only gives us access to the option “The World”, and click on “Star Game”.

We will see a place where we can navigate just as we can in Street view of Google maps. We will have to do it to find clues of the place that it is. The signs to know the language, the traffic signs, are very important clues to know in which country, city … we are.

Move around the place to find clues

Move around the place to find clues

Once we know it, before time runs out, we will display the map that we have on the right side of the screen to click on the area of ​​the map where we think that place is. Once we do, click on the green button with the app logo, to verify if we have been successful.

Select the place where you think the images belong

Select the place where you think the images belong

In our case, as you can see below, we have not been right … we have deviated almost 11,500 km.

Result of this geography game for iPhone

Result of this geography game for iPhone

The closer we locate the point to the real location of the place, the more points they will give us and, in this way, we will be able to accumulate, in case we compete with another person, to know who wins.

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Get GeoCoins:

Playing assiduously we will accumulate Geocoins that will allow us, for example, to unblock more countries.

If you dare to download this app, we make it very easy for you by leaving the download link below:

Download GeoGuessr



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