Future iPhone 12s may not include the charger

The iPhone 12 could be delayed and not see the light until October

Latest rumors about futures iPhone 12 of Manzana indicate that the devices may not include the charger in the box.

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More rumors about the iPhone 12

One of the most important events of Manzana: the WWDC. We know the news that will include future apple operating systems. But there is still a more important event after the summer: the presentation of futures iPhone.

In previous years we are used to seeing the presentation and launch of iPhone in September. But, from the looks of it, this year could be delayed to October due to Coronavirus COVID-19. Although it is true that there are later rumors that point to the maintenance of the usual date.

There is another rumor that the iPhone 12 will include a more powerful and efficient charger

Regarding these futures iPhone 12 Only a few things are known, despite the multitude of rumors. Although what appears to be safe it’s a design change with more square edges and a possible reduction in the size of the notch.

Some details about what will or will not come in the iPhone case are also known. And, if some days ago we let you know that Manzana could be considering not include wired headphones, EarPods, along with future iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, a leak claims that they could also come without the charger.

iphone 12 prices theapplehubiphone 12 prices theapplehub

The possible prices of the iPhone 12

As you read, the futures iPhone 12 They could only include the charging cable, leaving aside the charger that allows us to connect our devices to an outlet. This, it seems, both to reduce costs and to avoid environmental shock to them.

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Despite this rumor, there is another much more hopeful. And it is that, contrary to the one who says that iPhone 12 could come without a charger, ensures that iPhone 12 not only would they include it, but it would also be one of 20W, much more efficient and that would allow devices to charge faster.

Be that as it may, we will still have to wait a few months to see all these rumors come true. What do you expect from the future iPhone 12?


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