Free apps for iPhone. Download these paid apps now for free

The most outstanding FREE iPhone APPS of the moment

We show you what five o’clock is free apps for a limited time for iPhone and iPad, most outstanding of the moment. Run and download them before the offers end.

Free apps for a limited time, on the App Store

This week we bring you five free apps for a limited time, which have stopped costing money for an indeterminate time. That is why, as we always advise, we recommend that you download them as soon as possible. Don’t waste time.

During the week many applications drop in price. Their developers take advantage of it, to make them known, and put them free for a short period of time. That is why in APPerlas We hunt them down and only comment on those that, in our opinion, are the best of the moment.

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FREE apps for a limited time, on the App Store:

We guarantee 100% that the apps mentioned in this article are FREE right at the time of publication of this article. Specifically at 23:35 h. (Spain) of the day December 18, 2020.

Starlight – Explore the Stars [2,29 € -> GRATIS]:

Astronomy App for iOS

Astronomy app for iOS

Point your iPhone or iPad like a magic lens at the night sky, and see in real time the stars, planets and constellations hovering over it. Look at the stars and planets and learn about everything we have above our heads.

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Download Starlight

New Pixels [3,49 € -> GRATIS]:

Puzzle game for iPhone

Puzzle game for iPhone

If you love the pixel art, this app brings you a new format of pixel art that you must try. Using basic shapes and colors and a dash of imagination, a little world swirls under your fingertips. Share your art with friends or post it to our cloud gallery.

Download New Pixels

Snap Markup – Annotation Tool [2,29 € -> GRATIS]:

Photo annotation app

Photo annotation app

Mark or annotate directly, on a photo, with various forms and send it anywhere. Snap Markup provides various drawing shapes such as free drawing, rectangle, triangle, line, arrow, circle, numbers, curve, blur effect, sharpening, rotations, text and clipping. Take advantage that it is completely FREE.

Download Snap Markup

Cosmic Frontline AR [2,29 € -> GRATIS]:

Augmented reality app for iPhone

Augmented reality app for iPhone

Get ready to see the gorgeous 3D graphics and spectacular spaceship battles. Created for iPhone and iPad, this game is, so far, the most visually impressive Augmented Reality strategy game.

Download Cosmic Frontline AR

Push Ups Trainer Challenge [1,09 € -> GRATIS]:

Exercise app for iOS

Exercise app for iOS

Application to train chest and arms thanks to push-ups. You will go from doing 0 push-ups to doing 100 in just 8 weeks. If you want to get in shape, you know, download it before it becomes paid.

Download Push Ups Trainer Challenge

We hope that you have arrived in time to download the apps that you have found interesting.

Greetings and see you next week with new free apps for you iPhone and iPad.

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