FREE APPS for a limited time, which you have to download on your iPhone

FREE APPS for a limited time, which you have to download on your iPhone

The free apps for a limited time Today’s highlights. Run and download them on your iPhone Y iPad before they become paid … RUN !!!.

Free apps for iPhone and iPad

How every Friday, a section arrives in which we name you the free apps for iPhone most interesting of the moment. Some offers that you can not miss and that we name them so that you do not miss them.

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Free apps for a limited time for iPhone and iPad:

These offers are available at the time of publishing this article. Right at 14:01 h. (Spain) of the day May 28, 2021.

PhotoPhix [1,09 € ➡️ GRATIS]:


Image editor for iOS

Create and add collages, dividers, text labels, colors, stickers, clipart, masks / shapes, frames, effects, filters, drawings on your photos … thanks to PhotoPhix. There are endless possibilities to create our own PhotoPhix collage.

Download PhotoPhix

Hot guns [2,29 € ➡️ GRATIS]:

Hot Guns

Retro game for iPhone

When serious problems arise, a quick and easy solution is to call you. Your conventional methods of operation are “Shoot first, then shoot again!”. You have never failed yet. You’ll get coordinates, a locator, powerful weapons, and access to unlimited money. A fun retro platform game.

Download Hot Guns

Paintiles [11,09 € ➡️ GRATIS]:


Game for iPhone and iPad

Paint the tiles to match and clean the board. They give you three colors to paint mosaics. As you acquire the necessary skills to solve increasingly challenging puzzles, you are faced with new mechanics: dissolving earth, bombs, rainbow mosaics, all of which make you think in new and interesting ways.

Download Paintiles

InsPanorama [3,49 € ➡️ GRATIS]:

InsPanorama for iPhone

InsPanorama for iPhone

InsPanorama makes you can share your panoramic photo in Instagram. Share the photo without cropping and add one of the many filters available in the app. In addition, you can share the videos in en TikTok.

Download InsPanorama

Hill attack [4,49 € ➡️ GRATIS]:

Hill Attack

Measures the% incline of a ramp

Do you need to know how steep a ramp is? This application will help you find out. They have developed it with electric bikes in mind, but it can also be used on normal bikes. This app shows your speed and angle, that’s it. Pretty simple. A very interesting app to download, especially for cycling lovers.

Download Hill Attack

Remember that if you download these apps and then delete them, you can always download them FREE, whenever you want. That is why it is good to download almost all the free apps that we discuss. Any day we may need them.

We are waiting for you next week with new free applications for a limited time.



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