These apps are FREE for a limited time for iPhone and iPad [5-6-2020]

FREE apps for a limited time for iPhone, which we recommend

The free apps for a limited time, most outstanding of the moment, that we recommend you download in your iPhone Y iPad. All of them… VERY INTERESTING !!!

Free apps for a limited time

The weekend is coming and … what better way to start it with this pack of free apps ? Friday is the day of the week in which we look for the best offers for you.

As we always warn, do not waste time and get them before they become paid. Their developers put them at zero cost in the App Store, but we do not know when they can return them for payment.

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Free apps for a limited time for iOS:

We guarantee that the applications are FREE right at the time of publication of this article. At 22:03 h. of the day November 13, 2020, they were

Best 7 Minute Fitness Workout [3,49 € -> GRATIS]:

Get in shape with this app

Get in shape with this app

Application to get your body in shape. By dedicating just 7 minutes a day to doing these high intensity exercises, you will tone your body. Do the exercises in your own home or wherever you want.

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Download Best 7 Minute Fitness Workout

Carbo ›Digital Notebook [8,99 € -> GRATIS]:

Digital notebook for iPhone and iPad

Digital notebook for iPhone and iPad

With Carb we can capture and organize handwritten notes, sketches, drawings … taking traditional calligraphy to the digital age, directly on your device ios. The technology pixel-free, exclusive to Carbo, eliminates pixel-related problems while maintaining all the expressiveness of the original drawing.

Download Carbo

VeeDo Plan: Not just «to-do» [19,99 € -> GRATIS]:

Homework app for iOS

Task app for iOS

If you are not satisfied with the to-do list applications, I recommend giving VEEDO a try. This plan management app is worth downloading and more now that it’s free.

Download VeeDo Plan

Baby Sleep Timer [2,29 € -> GRATIS]:

App to control the sleep of babies

App to monitor babies’ sleep

Records and analyzes your baby’s sleep pattern to help you develop a sleep schedule that is compatible with your natural sleep cycles. With a day mode to capture daytime naps and an automatic night mode to listen to and record baby’s nighttime awakenings.

Download Baby Sleep Timer

Timeline Journal [1,09 € -> GRATIS]:

Idea Annotation App

Idea Annotation App

Write your thoughts quickly on your iPhone without taking unnecessary steps and without clutter.

Download Timeline Journal

Do not forget to share them with your contacts and make them take advantage, too, of these free applications for a limited time.

Without further ado, see you again in seven days.


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