Apple has decided to sue Epic Games for breaking its rules

Fortnite could return to iPhone and iPad shortly

The popular game Fortnite, removed from App Store, I could go back to iPhone Y iPad shortly though not in the form of an application in the App Store.

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Fortnite will return to the iPhone and iPad

As many of you may know, the popular game of Epic Games, Fortnite, is no longer in the App Store. And it is that, from the developer, they violated the rules of the Apple app store, which resulted in the removal of the game from the App Store.

Despite the efforts made by Epic Games through the courts, where the litigation between both companies will be disputed, Fortnite is not expected to return anytime soon. App Store. But if I could go back to iPhone Y iPad in a totally different way.

Fortnite will be playable again on iPhone and iPad through browsers

Specifically, it would be dealt with through the streaming gaming platform GeForce NOW. This platform would allow running through browsers, in a very similar way to Stadia, any game we imagine.

One of the games that is expected to arrive when the platform is finally launched would be Fortnite. Therefore, by allowing Manzana that run on types of platforms through browsers and webapps, Fortnite could be replayed in the iPhone and in the iPad without the need for its own application.

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As with Stadia, this is how developers of cloud gaming services manage to run their platforms on iOS Y iPadOS. And, for the moment, this seems to be the only way for Fortnite to return to our iPhone Y iPad, since there is no quick end to the litigation of Manzana Y Epic Games.

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As an alternative to your own application Fortnite, is a solution to consider. Even more so for the regulars Fortnite on mobile device. What do you think of this solution?

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