For the love of hacking – Smart Meters

I’ve been working on hacking smart meters on and off for the last 5 years and have decided to start sharing what I find more widely. My only goal is to learn every single thing about these smart meters, how they communicate over a massive mesh network, measure and report power and enable the utilities to turn your power on/off.

I have a few places I am sharing information and really look forward to collaborating with others. Happy to share anything I have found or chat about what you’re working on if there are similar components used.

[YouTube]( where I am posting videos of the journey and explaining what I find.

RECESSIM Reverse Engineering Wiki where I am documenting the [protocol]( used and the various components that make up the [Smart Grid](

Hackaday reached out and coming up this Wednesday the 14th I’ll be hosting a [Hack Chat]( as well to hopefully get others interested in hacking smart meters. It’s like a massive dark net of power and outage data!




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