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Greetings everyone o/,

Some time ago I have created my own Dockerfile for Kali to use because I wanted to replace VMware entirely. Sadly, this didn’t happen immediately, however, I have worked a little bit on it and did some research on how I could actually access Kali on Docker with GUI access.

After some time I have finally been able to find a good way to do so, which doesn’t involve lots of setup after a container image is created.

I was able to achieve this using a program called X2Go.
More info here: [](

I have created a simple bash script which can be used to deploy a Kali container, which uses 1 of the 3 metapackages that Kali has in its repository.

* kali-linux-default
* kali-linux-large
* kali-linux-everything

Of course, you can simply edit out the “Dockerfile.mod” in the repository and install only necessary packages but that’s personal preference :).

The script uses a template file “Dockerfile.mod” to append the user specified details entered during the runtime of the script. Then everything is placed in “Dockerfile” and used by Docker to build the image.

The process is explained in the repository as well.

If you feel like this is something you’ve been looking for or are just interested to see how useful GUI access in Kali Docker is to you, please check out the my project.

Any feedback is appreciated if you have any and suggestions to improve the script are welcome always.

Project repository: [](

Happy Hackristmas !

(I know “Hackristmas” is stupid :D)


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