Foldable iPhone rumored to arrive in 2023

Foldable iPhone rumored to arrive in 2023

According Ming Chi Kuo (guru and Apple expert), by 2023 the apple company wants to launch its first foldable iPhone.

Folding iPhone concept. (Instagram image: @Appleinthefuture)

It is not the first time that we have heard rumors of this type, but the truth is that so much information has never been given about this new device. What Kuo says, is that it will have a screen OLED, flexible and 8 inches. The screen, for more INRI, will be manufactured by Samsung.

To me, since Samsung took out the Z Fold 2, it is a phone that I love. Possibly, and coming from ManzanaIt will not be an economic terminal, but it will be revolutionary, for sure.

20 million foldable iPhones in two years:

Even though we still have to wait a couple of years, Manzana wants to launch, always according to Ming Chi Kuo, about 20 million folding mobile phones.

The market needs that Manzana innovate and deliver a coup like the one you found with the creation of the first iPhone… A tablet / phone / pc.

I have tried the smartphone from Samsung and if it were not for its operating system, it would have become my personal phone. The Z Fold 2 it’s crazy, really. It is a terminal that convinces me in terms of construction qualities and materials. I don’t see any cracks in it except the OS and the customization layer: One UI I do not like. But about the layers of customization Android, we can talk at another time, that now we are doing it about the future foldable iPhone.

Imagine it, for a moment. I want it!!! Would you like it? Would you buy it? I would do it with my eyes closed, really. I would save whatever it took to have it.

Manzana you can do really good things. Many times we complain, and not without reason, about their lack of innovation in recent times, but the truth is that those of CupertinoWhen they launch something they do it because it is a round product.



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