Floating Random Post MP3 Player Share Button Plugin official page

Floating Random Post MP3 Player Share Button Plugin official page

Recently I released a cool plugin named Random Featured Article, mp3 player + share button, the 3 in one plugin and this is the official page. As this is my first WordPress plugin, I will therefore actively listen to your suggestions or comments as much as possible. A well-branded Honda slogan “The Power of Dreams” really inspires me for the creation of this plugin. Well, I have no formal training in programming or web development, and I have absolutely no understanding of PHP. But the dream led me to create this absolutely excellent result.

Plugin features

This plugin has 3 powerful features, random scrolling posts (with control buttons) that float to the top or bottom of your page to help increase the number of page visits, allow visitors to easily share content blog with popular social media networks, as well as entertain visitors with mp3 songs of your choice. You can also customize the appearance of the widget based on your models. Below is the full functionality of the plugin:

  • A lightweight plugin, does not require large resources from your server.
  • Multi function in one package, the 3 in one.
  • The widget floats to the top or bottom of the page and it’s not boring with a minimal design but a stylish one.
  • The design of the widget like the background color can be easily adjusted to match your model.
  • The random message slides out every 3 seconds.
  • There are two buttons to scroll the content, left or right.
  • Random messages can be chosen from the desired categories.
  • You can easily play Mp3 on your wordpress sites.
  • AddThis full share button
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Below are the screenshots of this plugin:

This is an example of the widget placed at the bottom of the browser, and below the widget placed at the top:

Random post slider, MP3 player, top share button plug-in

And here is the picture of the options panel:

Plugin menu Random post slider, MP3 player, share button

Have you ever tried to multiply your affiliation or find a new marketing strategy? Well, this plugin has a powerful feature to do it. You can deliver your compelling demonstration or presentation in an MP3 file and let this plugin work for you.


  1. Download randompost_mp3player_sharebutton.zip and unzip it to your plugin / wp-content / plugins / folder.
  2. Activate the plugin “Random messages, MP3 player + share button“in the Plugins» Installed Plugins menu.
  3. Go to the “Random messages, MP3 player + Share button” options in your dashboard, check “Show random messages”, define the number of messages to display, the placement of widgets, the background color and the categories you want the posts to be selected at random.
  4. Save the changes and done !.

* This plugin was created and has been tested in the latest versions of php and mysql. It works well with xampp 1.8.0, PHP version 5.4.4 and PMA 3.5.2. If you find that the random post is not showing, please check your server version.
* This version is stable, but I’m still developing this plugin. New functionality will be added in the next version, such as allowing the user to choose the link background and the analytics option for adding this button.
* CSS uses ob_gzhandler compression to minimize size and improve performance as well, hope your server supports it.

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I actively listen to your comments and resolve issues, all suggestions are welcome. Let me know if you like the plugin too! Please submit any comments or suggestions regarding this plugin, I will add it to this section in the future.

Thanks to everyone who uses this plugin, hope you all like it, serve you well and keep your visitors entertained. Please don’t forget to “LIKE” this page and my Facebook page for your appreciation as well as to let you know when your wall is last updated. Please use it wisely, license, copyright and its distribution statement are included in the plugin package.

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