Flipboard redesigns its Widget to make it indispensable on your iPhone

Flipboard redesigns its Widget to make it indispensable on your iPhone

Flipboard, one of the best readers of Feeds of the App Store, has completely redesigned its widget in order to iOS 14. From now on, you can see the best stories of the day directly on your Home screen.

Flipboard widget

If you are a user of Flipboard you’re in luck. The developers of this magnificent reader of Feeds they have greatly improved their Widget to make it indispensable on the home screen of your iPhone.

If you do not know this app tell you that it is an application with which you can create a custom magazine. You can do this by adding fonts (feeds) of the websites that interest you the most, for example APPerlas, and thus always be attentive to the news that we publish or creating a magazine yourself in which you can add specific articles, videos and photographs so that other people can follow it to stay informed. If you have never used it, we recommend you, at least, try it.

Now with the redesign of its Widget It will become indispensable for all those who use it.

How to add the new Filpboard widget in three easy steps:

Here’s how to add the Widget to your home screen:

  • Press and hold any side of the home screen that does not occupy an app icon or in the “Today” view to edit the widgets.
  • Tap the + icon in the upper left corner.
  • Find Flipboard and choose the size you want for your widget.

To customize the Widget you will have to do it from the settings of your app Flipboard. There you will find everything you need to show what really interests you, on your home screen.

Configure the Flipboard Widget

Set up the Flipboard Widget

A new Widget that we could perfectly add to the list of Must-have widgets for iPhone.

Without further ado and hoping that you found the news interesting, see you shortly with more tricks, tutorials, apps, news … to get the most out of your Apple devices.


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