Fleets, Twitter Stories are now available

How to protect the tweets you post on this social network

Twitter has already definitively released the Fleets, their own stories or Stories similar to those already present in Instagram.

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The Fleets officially arrive on the app

Some months ago, Twitter debuted a beta feature called Fleets. Is function It was nothing more and nothing less than the famous Stories that we can already find in many social network applications.

This function began in the beta phase in Brazil, but the intention of Twitter is that it will reach all countries. And it seems that this beta phase has already come to an end since, at least in Spain, we can now make use of the Fleets or Twitter Stories.

The Fleets are Twitter’s own stories or stories

If the function is available in your account, you will notice it immediately, since you can see it at the top of the app. In a very similar way to other social networks, it is indicated in the form of circles that contain the profile photo of the account. By clicking on the circles, we can see the content shared by the accounts we follow.

fleets stories twitter stories 1

The fleets appear at the top

And, just as we can see what the rest of the users upload, we can also upload our own Fleets, as well as see who has seen them. For this we just have to click on Add on our profile photo to the right of the Fleets.

In doing so we will see that Twitter gives us 4 options to share Fleets. The first one is text, and we can write whatever comes to mind, changing the color of the background and the letters, as well as their thickness and alignment.

fleets stories twitter stories 2

Adding a Text Fleets

We can also add Fleets with images Y videos of our reel. And not only these but we also have the option of take a photo or record a video directly from the app to share it in the Fleets.

As you can see, the operation of these Fleets or Stories from Twitter It is very similar to the rest of the apps that allow you to upload stories. What do you think of this function to you? Will you use it and do you think that people will start to use it?


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