FIGHTING games for iPhone that we recommend you play [2020]

FIGHTING games for iPhone that we recommend you play [2020]

If you are a fan of fight games, here we bring you ten of the best there is in the App Store.

Fighting games for iPhone

We will not deny it. We love the games from fight. Personally, it is a passion that, since I was little, I have had. I remember playing them on my 128k Spectrum ZX and enjoy, together with my friends, unforgettable picnics afternoons. And what to say about this genre of games on arcade machines… What memories.

Times change, we get older and now we can play fighting games anywhere. Mobile phones have become our portable console. I wish we had them as children, right?

Today we bring you ten games for iphone that if you are a lover of martial arts, boxing, wrestling … we encourage you to try.

The best fighting games for iPhone and iPad:


Dragon Ball Legends game

Dragon Ball Legends game

Graphics, sound and controls, although at first it is a bit confusing, which make this app one of the most interesting games in the fighting category. Simply BRUTAL !!! It is impressive how they can do this type of game for mobile devices. Worthy of competing with consoles.


Street Fighter IV CE, one of the most legendary fighting games in history [5,49 €]:

Street Fighter VI CE for iPhone

Street Fighter VI CE for iPhone

This safe fighting game needs no introduction. A new sequel, for mobile, of one of the most played fighting games in history… Street Fighter. It also adds the possibility of being able to play on-line, with players from all over the world.

Download Street Fighter IV CE

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush [Gratis]:

One Piece Bounty Rush for iOS

One Piece Bounty Rush for iOS

What to say about this wonder that takes place in settings of the popular pirate world of manga One piece. A treasure looting game in which you will play in teams of 4 against 4, in real-time pvp battles. Hurry and get the victory.

Download ONE PIECE Bounty Rush

EA Sports UFC [Gratis]:

UFC Game for iPhone

UFC game for iPhone

Fight in the UFC with your favorite fighters. With magnificent graphics and great gameplay, we encourage you to download this great game and unleash your accumulated daily adrenaline in the ring.

Download EA Sports UFC

Injustice 2, one of the best fighting games for iOS [Gratis]:

Injustice 2 Game for iOS

Injustice 2 game for iOS

Very good graphics and playability in possibly one of the best fighting games for iOS. Gather your favorite superheroes and villains and fight with them and against them in this fantastic game for iPhone Y iPad.

Download Injustice 2

Shurado [Gratis]:

Shurado for iPhoneShurado for iPhone

Shurado for iPhone

Game that is very reminiscent of the great game Infinity blade, unfortunately, already disappeared from the App Store. An adventure in which you will have to fight against all kinds of adversaries, while making your way through the hell where you have fallen and which is known as Shurado.

Download Shurado

If you are a fan of 1 vs 1 fighting games, download Shadow Fight 3 [Gratis]:

Shadow Fight 3

Shadow fight 3

Another of the games that impresses that can be played from the iPhone. A marvel made in game and that will surely catch you from the first second you play it. One of our favorite fighting games.

Download Shadow Fight 3

Punch Club [5,49 €]:

Punch Club Fighting Game

Punch Club Fighting Game

Adventure in which you must train to enter the Fist Club and find out who it was that killed your father. Highly recommended. WE LOVE.

Download Punch Club


Fighting Ex Layer

Fighting Ex Layer

Fantastic game to release adrenaline. Repeatedly press buttons to perform powerful combos and take out your opponent. If you do them jumping you can attack with aerial combos…. A game that lovers of this genre of fighting games will love.


WWE Undefeated [Gratis]:

WWE Undefeated for iOS

WWE Undefeated for iOS

Combine fast-paced arcade-style action with the tactical depth of a RPG. Collect and upgrade your wrestling techniques to build your superstar’s arsenal. Wwe and dominate your opponents.

Download WWE Undefeated

A great pack of fighting games that you will surely love and will keep you glued to the screen of your device for a long time.

Remember to always carry the mobile charger with you … hehehehe.



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