Feel the 3D sound of the Airpods PRO whatever your headphones are

Feel the 3D sound of the Airpods PRO whatever your headphones are

We are going to show you how to enjoy one of the exclusive functions of the Airpods PRO, whatever your headphones are. You will be able to feel what he is 3D sound, in your own ears.

Feel the 3D sound of the Airpods PRO whatever your headphones are

3D sound in your headphones

One of the most striking functions of the AirPods PRO is the ability to listen to 3D audios. In Apple they call it «Spatial audio» And it’s a jaw-dropping feature for everyone who tries it. Today you are going to hear something similar, not the same, so you know where the shots are going.

Being able to watch a movie and hear in which area there is a conversation, from where they shoot, from where a vehicle is approaching … makes the experience of watching movies, series … greatly enhanced. It is a way to immerse yourself in an exponential way in the plot of what you are seeing.

This is also extrapolated to music. Headphones Manzana They make you immerse yourself in it and your favorite songs envelop you in a way that will give you goose bumps. Well, today we are going to try that, whatever your headphones are, you feel something similar to what the Airpods PRO provide.

Listen to 3D sounds in any type of headphones:

In order to enjoy this experience, put on headphones and connect them to your iPhone, iPad, computer…. Once you do, keep reading.

Now hit the Play to this video and enjoy it:

I hope you leave a comment in this article about what you think about the experience.

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There are many videos of this type in Youtube. In Spotify There are also playlists with these types of sounds. Search them by “8D” and you will see how there are quite a few.

It is clear that the spatial audio experience provided by the AirPods PRO we are not going to have it in headphones other than those. But with what we have shared, you can get an idea of ​​what that type of 3D sound can be.

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