Fast Batch Image Reducer for Android and PC

Fast Batch Image Reducer for Android and PC

Reducing the size of the image without losing significant quality now can be done easily. It doesn’t matter if you want reduce image size for a single file or for several files (batch) at a time. Nowadays, the smartphone is equipped with a powerful camera. The larger the camera lens, the better image quality, as well as the larger size. Then the problem occurs when you want to share it or send it over the internet. It will waste more internet data and take longer. So here are two apps that should help you quickly reduce image size and easily.

Reduce picture size for Android and PC

Photo Compress – The Best Free Android Image Reducer

There are many Android apps on playstore to reduce, minimize, or resize image size. Suppose Image Easy Resizer, Image Optimizer, or Image Reduce. But based on my own experience, Compress photo seems to be the best free apps yet. It offers a fast and simple process, compatible with most Android versions, and of course the image quality after compression. Photo Compress allows you to trim and resize image, set certain amount of image quality and also the ability to reduce multiple images (in batches) simultaneously at lighting speed. You can choose an individual image or even multiple folders from the gallery. Download Photo Compress

RIOT – Best Image Resizer For PC

The best way to resize the image can still be to use Adobe Photoshop. Many options available to best define the image quality. Unfortunately, there is no way to resize multiple files at once with Photoshop. If not, you can try RIOT (Radical Image Optimization Tool), Download here. It is small, simple to use, very fast but powerful for advanced users. You can control compression, number of colors, even metadata settings, and more. And my favorite is the batch support which allows you to process multiple files at once. Just set and set the images folder, then hundreds of images are automatically resized in no time.

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