Fashion game for iPhone in which you must avoid haircuts

Fashion game for iPhone in which you must avoid haircuts

Hair Challenge It is a very downloaded game that allows us to have a fun time trying to reach the goal of each level with as much hair as possible.

Hair Challenge for iPhone and iPad

Like every Sunday, we bring you the fashion game of the moment. An application that is being top downloads in half the world and to which thousands and thousands of people are hooked. One of those games for iphone that we must all have installed to combat moments of boredom or waiting in our day to day.

This week we bring you from Hair Challenge, a game very similar to the one we talked about a few months ago, High Heels!, and the one that you will become addicted to once you enter the first level.

Hair Challenge, a fun iPhone game in which you have to reach the finish line with the longest hair length possible:

In this game the aim is to reach the goal with the longest hair length possible.

Hair Challenge

Avoid unwanted haircuts in Hair Challenge

For this we must avoid, as far as possible, any object that can cut our hair. There will be parts where it is almost impossible to avoid it, but this is where you should try to cut the least amount possible. It seems easy but as we progress through the levels the difficulty grows and surely some of them will drive you crazy.

To walk you must press the screen. If you don’t press it, you don’t walk. This is something that in other games, of this type, is not the case since our character walks automatically. This gives us the opportunity to stop before really dangerous sections. To go left and right we simply have to slide our finger on the screen to the direction we want to go.

Without a doubt, a very fun, addictive and simple game to play that we recommend you download.

Download Hair Challenge

Without further ado and hoping that you have liked our contribution, we are waiting for you next week with the new fashion game.



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