False information will no longer have a place on Twitter

How to deactivate a Twitter account forever

Twitter has announced a new way that will come to both its app and its website to control misinformation and fake news.

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Fake COVID news is leaving Twitter

Since the pandemic of COVID-19 in the world, Twitter has been a great ally to inform about it. But, it is also true that there have been high-profile cases of misinformation and false news.

And that is why since Twitter have decided to curb misinformation and fake news when it comes to COVID-19. This has been announced by letting it be known that, from now on, there will be a system to prevent the spread of this type of information.

Twitter can suspend accounts temporarily and permanently with this new system:

The system that they will implement from Twitter reminds a lot of the one who has Youtube. And it is that, the same, will be based on strikes or calls for attention to accounts and users spreading information that has been proven to be false.

These calls will be a total of five. And the actions that they can take towards the account range from doing nothing with it to completely eliminating it from the social network, going through several blocks or temporary suspensions of the account that is spreading the false information.

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Twitter already reports on hoaxes about COVID19

At the moment, it appears that this misinformation control will be focused solely on misinformation and fake news about vaccines. But it seems that control over misinformation and false news about the COVID-19 usually.

We’ll see if, once all this is over, Twitter decides to keep this fake news control model for the rest of the topics. It is still too early to know, but it seems that it could be a good tool, especially knowing the dissemination capacity of the microblogging social network.


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